The Progeny of Hz. Syed Hasan Badr-ud-Din alias Baba Shah Badr Dewan r.a. Sarkar of Masanian.


Hz. Syeda Murass’a Fatima d/o Hz. Syed Shahab-ud-Din alias Daood Amir Bukhari r.a.

  1. Hz. Syed Shah Ali Sabir r.a
  2. Hz. Syed Habibullah Shah r.a.
  3. Hz. Syed Muhammad Latif r.a.
  4. Hz. Syed Muhammad Sadiq r.a.
  5. Hz. Syeda Fatima Sughra alias Bibi Pakdaman r.a.


Here are some great names from the progeny of Baba Shah Badr Dewan r.a. I have heard from my father that the spiritual tendency will descend in the children of Baba Shah Badr Dewan r.a. down to the 22nd generation. In other words, in every house of the descendants of Baba Shah Badr Dewan there shall be a pious person who will lead the rest of the family to the right path.

It does not mean that there was no evil. Of course there was. Its percentage however was astonishingly low.

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  1. aalasha
    Oct 29, 2009 @ 19:41:26

    Mazar of Syed Abrar Hussain Gilani (Baba Thanedar) in Masanian Sharif, Batala

    Mazar of Syed Abrar Hussain Gilani (1890-1925)
    Syed Abrar Hussain was born in 1890. His father, Mohammed Chiragh Ali, was a Kotwal in UP Police. His mother, Bismillah Fatima, was a hafiz of Quran (memorized the whole Quran). She was from Awan Family of Singhowal in Hoshiarpur District.

    Following his birth there appeared to be special blessing on the family that is know as barkat in Islam. From childhood he showed signs of extraordinary piety, mysticism and inclinations towards sufi ways. Abrar Hussain was tall, had a fair complexion, and a very strong physique.

    He and his brother Syed Irshad Hussain joined UP Police as Assistant Sub-Inspectors. This is why he is known as “Baba Thanedar” around Masanian. His first cousins Syed Abdul Hameed and Muhammed Hafeez were also in the police service.

    At a young age, He became disciple of Riayat Ali Shah of Goriya Sharif, District Saharanpur,UP. Abrar Hussain resigned from police service early in his career while his brother continued in the service. He returned to Masanian and lived his last years as a darwesh. Against his wishes he was angaged with a GILANI girl in the numberdar family but she passed away months before the wedding.

    Abrar Hussain’s mother noticed that he was not reciting Quran from the book and she inquired about it. He indicated that he had it all memorized. Bismillah Fatima being a hafiz e Quran herself tested him – he passed.

    Sayyads normally do not accept even other sayyads as equals. Many among GILANIs of Masanian accepted Abrar Hussain as their spiritual guide and became his disciples. I have recorded names of five GILANIs who became his disciples. Following are the names of his disciples:

    1 Lala Shareef son of Akbar Ali son of Nusrat Ali – grand father of Muzaffar Islam
    2 Sughra Fatima – sister of Salaar Hussain (owner of Sarpanch’s House before 1947)
    3 Muhammed Hussain son of Mohammed Chiragh s/o Ali Sher
    (Grandfather of Zia Haider – one of the visitors in the group)
    4 Lateef Shah s/o Fazal Mohyuddin s/o Madad Ali
    5 Shabbir Shah

    Abrar Hussain and his family maintained the family tradition and followed beliefs and ways of SUNNI sect in Islam – pir, disciple, Urs and qawwali, these are all indicative of Sunni Sufi beliefs. His dear brother Syed Irshad Hussain strictly adhered to SUNNI beliefs and practices.

    During his last years, people from different faiths corresponded and visited him seeking guidance, prayers and blessings.

    In 1925, Abrar Hussain passed away at the age of 33. He was buried in the general graveyard near Bibi Pakdaman’s Mazar. He appeared, in dreams, to his beloved brother Irshad Hussain and his mother asking them to take him out and burry him in the present location then owned by Syed Irshad Hussain. Syed Irshad Hussain consulted a saint in Lucknow who suggested to do exactly as asked by Abrar Hussain in the dreams. The casket with his body was exhumed from the grave and re-buried at the present location. It is reported by elders that there was a unique sweet smell in the soil of his first grave. People took the soil in handkerchiefs to their homes for that sweet smell and blessings.

    Khan Shahib (title from British Raj) Syed Irshad Hussain constructed his mazar – a room with a verandah all around, and an acre of fenced garden with a well in it. During his services in UP he came back to Masanian every year to celebrate the URS of his dear brother, Abrar Hussain, and held a gathering of qawwali at his mazar. After his early retirement in 1942, Irshad Hussain came back to settle in Masanian only for the love of his brother.

    In the chaos of partition in 1947, Abrar Hussain’s picture was left hanging in the house in Masanian – and thus lost with other family pictures.

    After the partition in the rage of emotions, the structure was removed by the new residents. The villagers built a shrine for Abrar Hussain inside the village instead. Since 1947, approximately a kanal of land around his grave was not cultivated by the villagers as gesture of respect for this saint. Trees and shrubs grew and took his grave and graves close to his in their custody to be discovered by Syed Dilshad Hussain (eldest son of Irshad Hussain) during this trip in December 2008 with the help of senior Sikh residents of Masanian village.

    Syed Tahir Hussain (youngest son of Irshad Hussain) engaged labour and arranged bricks and cement to construct a three feet high wall around the Mazar of Syed Abrar Hussain.
    there are three more graves next to Baba Thanedar’s Grave:
    1. Grave of Syed Abdul Hameed (1st cousin and brother in law of Abrar Hussain, grandfather of Sikandar Gilani, Sikandar’s grand mother (Shafiq unNisa) is buried next to her father (Chiragh Ali) and another sister, in Shahjahanpur, UP)
    2. Grave of Bismillah Khatoon (mother of Abrar Hussain)
    3. Grave of SyedunNisa (eldest sister of Abrar Hussain)

    This detailed information is provided by Syed Sikandar Hussain Gilani son of Syed Fazal Hussain Gilani and a grandson of Syed Irshad Hussain
    email address :


  2. aalasha
    Oct 29, 2009 @ 19:49:08

    Mazar of Syed Aulad Ali Shah (Gilani) in Masanian Sharif Batala

    Syed Aulad Ali Shah is descendant of Baba Shah Badr Dewan – 11 generation from him.
    He was born in 1870 A.D. His father Syed Tegh Ali Shah died when he was 9 year old.

    He went to Lahore with one of the mureed of his father and there he visited the mazar of Syed Ali Hujweri (Data Ganj Bakhsh). At Data’s mazar he got spiritual signs pointing to his spiritual master. He went to Syed Sajjad Ali Shah well known as Syed Gulab Ali Shah in Rasul Nagar. His spirtual master educated him both in worldy knowledge and spiritual course.

    Pir Aulad Ali shah had large number of murids. He passed away in Masanian and his son Syed Ashiq Hussain built his mazar. He had large number of murids in Mian Channun khanewal area. After partition his murids invited his son to settle in Mian Channun. Now his grandson are living in Mian Channun.

    His mazar is located close to the north pond. It is green building with white dome. It is maintained by the Sikh residents of masanian.

    This information is provided by Sikandar Gilani son of Syed Fazal Hussain Gilani
    who is one of the descendants of Baba Shah Badr Dewan of Masanian Sharif.

    Email Address


  3. aalasha
    Oct 29, 2009 @ 21:26:18

    Mazar of Bibi Pakdaman (daughter of Baba Shah Badr Dewan)

    Bibi Pakdaman real name FATIMA was the only daughter of Baba Shah Badr Dewan. She passed away at the age of ten. Her Mazar is located in the north east of the village; north of the Dargah of Baba Shah Badr Dewan.

    This Mazar was repaired and reconstructed in 1946-7 by the contribution from GILANI family under the supervision of Khan Bahadur Syed Irshad Hussain (Gilani)(Retired DSP, Director, Intelligence Bureau, Lucknow). Before the reconstruction the mazar was just a boundary wall (Katehra).

    Some time back the roof of her mazar fell. During 2008 the citizens of Masanian have repaired the mazar with new roof and steel and concrete re-inforced structure maintaining the original looks of the mazar. Sardar Nirbhar Singh of Masanian played a leading role for this renovation.

    Information Provided by Syed Sikandar Hussain Gilani
    Email address:


  4. aalasha
    Nov 04, 2009 @ 07:37:14

    Why do I write most of the family members as great people and how can I prove my claim?

    The answer is very simple and quite brief.
    As contrast to what is going on in the world today, spent their lives in alienation and strangeness.

    1. They were non-social and non-political.
    2. They did not know any NGO or organization.
    3. They did not start selling the name of their forefathers publicly.
    4. They did not like to socialize, politicize or publicize their families.
    5. They never liked to have rich ones as their mureeds.


  5. aalasha
    Nov 04, 2009 @ 07:45:31

    Great is not one who has great qualities. Great is one who despite having great qualities knows that these qualities would not lead him to the right path and tries to avoid going on the wrong path, howsoever profitable it may prove.

    In the days of rise all the people and all the families can prove their worth. In the days of fall there are very few who can do so.

    I can see a graveyard of talent in my family. Every other person is extremely talented. But they did not, and they do not like to use it to gather worldly pleasures, comforts and advantages.

    It is possible that they are poor in spiritual tendencies at heart. But there is one thing I am quite sure of. They are extremely spiritual in their minds. Their frames of thinking and feeling are still the same. I do not know how many generations it will take to get new frames of thoughts and feelings — necessary to be applied in worldly works. By then, however, I am sure they would waste all qualities and talents.


  6. aalasha
    Nov 04, 2009 @ 07:49:57

    Thousands of times I feel that I have nothing to do with spiritualism and tasawwuf. Yet I wear turban and beard, and prefer to talk on tasawwuf than on any thing else in the world. I know and I am determined that I would go on doing this for the rest of my life. Because I cannot change my mental framework.


  7. amir ali buttar
    Jan 06, 2012 @ 16:32:34

    A O A sajada nasheen of seyd hazrat shah badar diwan ra


  8. Syed Ehtesham ul Hasan
    Oct 02, 2012 @ 09:19:56


    I am interested in the biography of Shah Badar Dewan right from his birth. I heard a lot from my elders about Masanian and syed’s of Masanian but they don’t have any information about his life before Masanian. Why he didn’t go back again to his country and non of his family members came to India. Some people say that his brother grave is in Sindh (Syed Sadar ur Din) but there is no reference in the books. I would be grateful if you could share information if you have any regarding his past life.


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